Mindfulness Training

Learn the underlying processes of mindfulness practice and how to integrate them into your daily life to change automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour, and increase resilience and well-being.

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Trauma Therapy

Mindfulness and body psychotherapy heal trauma by helping you feel safe in your body, deactivating the fight-flight-freeze response and processing traumatic memories and the associated unconscious emotions.

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Genomic Wellness

A simple DNA test and personalised genomic wellness program targets the nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle choices that lead to stress, depression, weight management issues and chronic disease.

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Why Choose Me?

Backed by Science

The latest research in neuroscience and epigenetics converges into a powerful way to work with your brain and genes to experience inner peace and happiness, prevent disease and enjoy optimal health.

Holistic Health

A holistic approach targets the root cause of mental and physical illness by integrating mind, body and environment to create permanent change in your life and unleash your full potential.

Personal Experience

Since healing from my own life traumas, I am able to establish the working alliance and safe, growth-facilitating environment necessary for bringing about deep emotional healing in others.

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