Brendan Turner

BSc Psych, PGDip Psych
Certified smartDNA Practitioner
Australian Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy Association Member

I am passionate about helping people heal their mind and body so they can realise their full potential in life. I have learnt through my personal growth journey that the only way to create permanent change is through a holistic approach that sees each person as an integration of mind, body and environment. No matter how much you work on changing thoughts and beliefs, unconscious, automatic patterns and emotions will sabotage your progress until you integrate them into overall consciousness.

The key thing that you need to look for in a therapist or coach who can truly help you, is how much personal work they have done to heal themselves. After committing many years to healing my own life traumas, I am able to establish the working alliance and safe, growth-facilitating environment necessary for bringing about deep emotional healing in others.

As a psychotherapist specialising in trauma, drawing on years of experience working with a range of psychological disorders and people who are seeking deep personal growth, I have come to know that the critical factor in healing is the ability to fully connect with the body. The mind and body are one, and that’s why I have dedicated my career to training in mindfulness, meditation and body-centred psychotherapy.

My services are targeted at healing the root cause of mental and physical illnesses such as the following, and can be tailored to your unique circumstances to help you experience optimal well-being and create a meaningful life:

  • Chronic stress and pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Childhood trauma and abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder