[Case Study] Unlocking your full potential in health, career, and life

Our unhealthy modern lifestyle is now proven to be the driving force behind the epidemic levels of chronic disease. At home and work we are under constant pressure and stress. We often eat on the go without consideration for giving our body the nutrition it needs. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity and exercise is a major health risk. Many of us are also sacrificing quality sleep and relaxation, and smoking or drinking to manage stress.

When I started working with Julie Egonidis, Business Development Manager, she was not satisfied with her body, she was feeling unhealthy, and she was unhappy in her job wondering what her real purpose in life was. Julie’s dream was to start a family, but she knew that she needed to make some changes first.

Julie was under a high amount of stress at work and home. She didn’t have the motivation to exercise regularly, nor look after her health with the right diet and nutrition. It was at this low point that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Julie had to support her through her treatment.

“It was a real shock to find out that my mother had cancer. She was such a strong, resilient role model to me, and it deeply affected me to watch her deteriorate with treatment. It really inspired me to get healthy and start looking after myself.”

Emotional stress impacts on physical health

Julie had always been a pillar of support in her family. Her parents had divorced when she was young, and through the difficult times, Julie stepped up to the plate to care for her mother and brother. This meant that a lot of her own emotional pain was repressed and Julie had trouble accepting support from others.

The past traumas that Julie had experienced as a girl were stored in her body as unconscious, memorised emotions. The electrochemical communication between the brain and the body is such that stressful emotions chemically signal genes, disrupting the normal function of cells, and over time lead to disease in the body.

“I realised that I was holding onto a lot of pain and anger from the past through the therapy work I did with Brendan. I was always in my head and tended to overanalyse everything. I had to learn how to be more present, connect to my body and my feelings, and to be more accepting of them.”

Meditation and body-centred therapeutic work rewires the brain circuits that regulate emotion and stress, and helps you reassert control over the unconscious programs that have been controlling you. This allowed Julie to be able to better manage stress and the pressure of her job, and begin to assert her needs with others and receive support from them.

When the body and mind begin to work in harmony that is the point of real change. Integrating thought, feeling and action allows more choice over how you experience and express your aliveness in the world. While we cannot control all the conditions in our external environment, we certainly have a choice in how we respond to them, and more inner peace will have a positive impact on gene expression and overall health.

“I struggled with putting high expectations on myself, and always jumping to rescue others to my own detriment. Brendan helped me explore why I found it hard to say “no” to people and to process the feelings of guilt. This allowed me to be more open to receiving help when I needed it, and deepened my personal and professional relationships.”

Working in harmony with your genes to transform your health

Genes were previously thought to be responsible for most diseases, but we now know that the environment is the most causative factor in producing disease by activating or deactivating particular genes. Poor lifestyle choices, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress and environmental toxins influence gene expression and cause illness.

Julie wanted to look and feel her best, and to put measures in place to prevent disease. I tested Julie’s DNA so that I could provide her with a recipe for perfect health based on her unique genetic profile. This allowed her to specifically address health risks through a targeted nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan.

“I wanted to understand the genetic risks that I inherited so that could start managing them now at a younger age, and ensure that I was doing everything in my power to detoxify my body and give it the nutrition it needs.”

The DNA test identifies your APOE genotype which determines your dietary guidelines, the mix of aerobic and strength based exercise you need, and the ratio and types of fat, carbohydrates, and protein that are best for you. Your risk of deficiency in essential vitamins is assessed along with sensitivities to sodium, caffeine, gluten and lactose.

The MTHFR gene is tested due to its role in methylation and folate metabolism which are vital to DNA repair, reducing inflammation, detoxification, stabilising mood and disease prevention. This is important in pregnancy as an activated folate supplement may help prevent neural tube defect.

Julie found out that she had an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency which was confirmed with a blood test. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many serious conditions including depression, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. She started taking a high quality vitamin D3 supplement to urgently boost her levels.

Julie’s test results also indicated that she has impaired detoxification and glutathione capacity. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant which is essential to reducing toxic burden and oxidative stress. In addition to putting a plan in place to reduce exposure to environment toxins, I put Julie on to the best glutathione boosting nutrient formula available.

“I now have a better relationship with my body and a new lease on life. It has motivated me to make some necessary lifestyle changes, and I am more conscious about my diet and exercising regularly. Brendan has helped me to become emotionally resilient and achieve a healthy mind and body. I have recently moved into a new career that I am passionate about, and I am ready now for the next chapter of my life.”

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