Radix Body Centred Psychotherapy

One of the most critical factors in healing trauma is the ability to fully connect with the body. By gently and slowly increasing awareness of body sensations, you are able to contact traumatic memories and feelings in the present, and integrate them effectively without being overwhelmed. This bottom-up approach allows the body to have deep, visceral experiences that contradict the helplessness, rage or collapse that result from trauma.

Radix is a powerful therapeutic modality which promotes deep change, growth and healing. Radix, meaning root or source, is the life energy that flows through the body, and is experienced as thinking, feeling and action. Old, unconscious patterns we have developed throughout life manifest in the body as inhibited shape, movement, breathing and expression. This causes some life energy to be trapped in those parts of the body. You are guided to restore the rhythmic flow of the radix through the body, both on its inward movement, enhancing self-contact, and on its outward movement, enhancing contact with others.

Working verbally and with the body processes of breathing, movement, sound, touch and vision, you become conscious of the many ways in which you facilitate or block this energy flow. As you regain the ability to both contain and surrender to emotions, repressed fear, pain and anger may be contacted and released. This creates the space for trust, pleasure and love to grow. Working with this awareness, you are then able to make choices as to how to experience and express your aliveness in the world.

Radix work aims to empower you by giving you guidance and support to access your own inner resources to heal yourself. Freeing the energy blocked in the body allows the integration of thinking, feeling and behaviour, and helps you to more effectively engage with the ups and downs that are part of the rhythm of life. As you experience a deeper connection with self, you develop a genuine love and acceptance of who you really are, and your uniqueness. From this place it becomes easier to see and accept others, and to gain a sense of a connection to the larger life energy of the world and universe. 

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